Qualux 50 GX Light


The Qualux 50GX Exam/Reading light is an excellent choice as a patient reading light as well as a high-intensity examination light. This 38-inch (970mm) reach light with its low voltage, high output lamp far surpasses any other fixture designed for the purpose.

The combination of the rugged halogen low voltage lamp and the high-impact-resistant molded plastic head makes the unit electrically safe and virtually unbreakable.

The low voltage design and advanced lamp/reflector construction permit a very high intensity long-lived light in an especially compact unit. The 12 volt, 50 watt lamp yields 48,000 Lux at 500mm and is rated at 2000 hours. The fixture incorporates a two-step switch for 100% and 66% power to the lamp to provide spot [exam] and flood [reading] options.

The fixture head consists of a double-wall construction with two reflectors, reducing the head emission for doctor and patient.

The knuckle joint is entirely enclosed and permits free movement while being extremely stable and readily sustaining the light in the required position. The low voltage transformer is located in the proximal end of the arm and incorporates reversible overload, short circuit and over temperature protection.

The fixture has a matte white finish that is highly durable in the hospital environment. [RAL9010]

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
Unimount™ Rail Mounted 508000
Eclipse™ Rail Clamp On Mounted 608000
Ohmeda/ Ohio Rail Mounted 808000
MA Rail Mounted 708000
Wall/ Panel Mounted 909000

Lights are Available with US, DIN and British Standard Plugs. Please specify at time of order