About Us

Our Ultimate Goal

At the end of a project the clinicians are happy with headwall functionality; the hospital is happy with the headwall budget; and the designers are happy they have achieved the look and feel intended.


HSI (Hospital Systems Inc.) is run by two generations of the Miller family. As a family-owned company, we value and appreciate our dedicated team and they in turn are loyal to HSI. HSI’s Vice President of Production has been with the company since 1981. Our Chief Engineer, a graduate Mechanical Engineer with many years of experience, has been with HSI since 2004; Our Vice President of Operations brought a huge variety of skills to HSI in 2007. General Manager, David Miller, has been involved with HSI since 1972. Our President, Becca Miller Teutle, grew up in the factory and started working with the company in 1999.


The Short of it…

HSI stands proudly as a fifth generation company in a 160 year tradition of manufacturing and construction companies owned and operated by the Miller family. HSI was started in 1970 as an outgrowth of an electrical contracting company. The business and construction knowledge of Robert Miller combined with the headwall designs and their international patents was a recipe for success. HSI is now not only the oldest headwall manufacturer still in the business, it is also the only headwall manufacturer still manufacturing entirely within the United States.

The Long of it…

HSI is a culmination of all the Miller-run companies before it. Listening to, designing for, and manufacturing to our customers’ needs has been ingrained in us since 1849, when Lewis Miller started manufacturing equipment for farmers in Denver, Colorado.

Expanding on the principles learned from his father, David Miller started Denver Iron Works in 1880. After moving to Los Angeles, David opened National Metal Supply in 1920 and started our tradition of environmentally friendly companies.

David’s son, Robert Miller, learned at his father’s side and then moved on to work with the United States Navy. When he came home to the San Francisco Bay Area from working on the reconstruction of European communications systems after WWII, Robert started an electrical contracting company called Engineering Design Corporation (EDCORP). EDCORP specialized in electrical design and construction and the company started working in hospitals in 1957.

The hospital headwall was invented by Ron Meyer, who founded Electro-Systems in 1965. When Electro-Systems experienced difficulties in 1969, Robert Miller acquired the drawings, tooling and international patents. He initially partnered with Ron Meyer but in 1970 Robert and his wife Pauline founded Hospital Systems, Inc. (HSI) and started manufacturing headwalls at the former EDCORP facility in Oakland, California.

In 1972, David Miller, our General Manager returned from Australia where he had been earning his PhD at Sydney University. He joined his father Robert at HSI. David brought a new set of business skills and a fresh marketing perspective. His wife, Jennifer, provided her financial and organizational skills at HSI. They concentrated on growing our national market while Robert and Pauline Miller focused on the international market for HSI products.

In 1999 our President, Becca Miller Teutle, joined HSI. Becca has a background in Mechanical Engineering and a unique set of language and people skills. She has been implementing new sales and marketing plans nationwide, working to design new products, and developing and growing our industry relationships.

In 2001 the company moved to its present facility in Pittsburg, California. HSI continues to grow and evolve to service the ever-changing needs and requirements of today’s healthcare market.