Stainless Steel Bed Bumper


The Stainless Steel Bed Bumper compliments any HSI headwall and can be mounted directly to the building wall. This bumper is designed with high impact resistance and longevity in mind. Constructed of ¼” stainless steel and mounted with easy to install stand-offs; this bumper provides the necessary protection to any building wall or headwall and surrounding devices mounted behind the patient bed.



  • Bumpers constructed of ¼” Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 15lbs each
  • Bumpers are 6” in width and 301/8” in length
  • Stand-offs constructed of clear anodized aluminum
  • Bumper sits approx 31/4” off the building wall
  • Can be orientated in a vertical or horizontal position
  • Bumpers not mounted on HSI headwalls will require backing (By Others)

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
Stainless Steel Bumper 909403