Rigid Ceiling Column Type B


The Rigid Ceiling Column is fabricated from stainless steel with a No. 4 brushed finish on all exposed edges and surfaces.  It is approximately 14" (356mm) square with an 17" (432mm) square Trim Bezel to trim the column shroud at the finished ceiling.  The Trim Bezel is adjustable to compensate for variations in finished ceiling thickness.  The Rigid Ceiling Column length is fabricated for a specified ceiling height of 9'‑6" (2896 mm).

The Rigid Ceiling Column structure is supported from a 0.1793” (5mm) thick steel Ceiling Mounting Plate that is furnished with the Column.  The Ceiling Mounting Plate has four 0.5625” (14mm) diameter holes, one in each corner, for attachment to a structural ceiling support provided by others.  The Rigid Ceiling Column can accommodate up to ten medical gas services and 16 electrical/data services.

Medical Gas Outlets are factory installed and pre-piped within the column (unless otherwise specified).  Medical Gas piping extends 6” (152mm) above the Ceiling Mounting Plate.  The installer makes the final connections to the Medical Gas Distribution System.  Medical Gas Outlets can be provided in British Standard (BS), DIN, or any US standard.

The Electrical Contractor provides the wiring to factory installed electrical receptacles and data services.  Electrical receptacles can be provided in British Standard (BS), DIN, or any US standard.

Ordering Information

The Rigid Ceiling Column is manufactured to customer specifications. The drawing on the reverse indicates where carious devices may be located.


  • Ready access to medical gas and electrical/data services
  • Durable stainless steel structure
  • Eliminates exposed wires and hoses that can clutter floors
  • Configurable to meet specific needs
  • Provided in NFPA, British Standard, or DIN