TriColumn Patient Service Column


The TriColumn’s three-sided design allows for maximum flexibility of use. Whether in a high-acuity area where staff members need nearly 360 degree access to patients or conserving space by serving multiple patients with a single unit, the TriColumn provides a versatile solution for any space.

Conceived with flexible patient access and staff productivity in mind, the TriColumn comes complete with vertical equipment mounting rails on three sides, allowing you to position ventilators, pumps, IVs, and baskets exactly where you need them for each patient.

Optimum Productivity

Park the bed at the best angle to allow maximum access to the patient and best use of equipment. Two beds can be parked at one column for recovery and pre-op applications.

The TriColumn requires only single point connections for medical gas and electrical services.  Shipped completely pre-wired and pre-piped, the Tri-Column is quickly installed and ready for use.


  • Integrated Unimount™ and Eclipse™ equipment rails for accessories
  • Communications wiring can be pre-installed
  • Three-sided design allows services to be placed on any or all sides for maximum placement flexibility or to serve multiple patients
  • Unique angled design allows you to position the bed for best access to the side of the patient with which you need to work
  • Available in over 750 colors and textures to complement any décor.
  • Single point connections for medical gas and electrical connections make installation simple
  • Manufactured to fit your specific needs