Character Headwall


The Axiom™ Character Headwall is a flush mounted horizontal or vertical headwall that provides all of the patient services in one compact location leaving maximum floor area for patient care. The Character Headwall is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum extrusions that are etched and clear anodized. Access panels and fascias are laminated to match the panel that surrounds the Character Headwall. All services are connected within the unit to allow for ease of installation.

The character can be almost anything; graphics, pictures, use your imagination and create the ultimate healing environment where the headwall disappears into the theme of the room or the unit. Imagine the healing environment that you can create when the headwall is part of the artwork and does not hinder caregivers with covers, doors, or slides. Reduce your clinical feel without reducing your clinical viability.

Vertical equipment track is incorporated into the unit while maintaining a flush finish. Horizontal equipment rail can also be incorporated into the unit to accommodate a large variety of accessories.