The Infinity™ Horizontal Patient Service System is constructed of aluminum alloy deep etched and clear anodized. Pre-piped and Pre-wired for single point connection from behind or with provided ceiling mounting plates (chased units) with appropriate knock outs; this unit is easy to install and maintain.

The services you can choose include fixed and movable medical gas, normal and emergency power, and communications all within a single rail, with or without a vertical service chase.

The Infinity is designed for maximum use of available space.  From a single rail spanning a recovery area to a three-rail system in an intensive care unit, any combination can be designed to accommodate your needs.


  • Available up to 17 feet in a single continuous section
  • Available with vertical chase
  • Comes in a variety of colors and textures to meet any aesthetic
  • Single, Dual or Three rail systems
  • Integrated Horizontal equipment rail
  • Able to span windows


  • Nurse call
  • Medical Gas Outlets
  • Equipotential Grounding System
  • Bed Bumpers
  • Monitor Support
  • Isolated Power
  • Emergency Electrical Receptacles
  • Normal Electrical Receptacles
  • And many more