LDRP 2000 Headwall


The LDRP 2000 Patient Care Unit provides an extremely unobtrusive unit located at the head of the patient’s bed.  When closed it appears to be the headboard of the bed. By opening the sliding doors, immediate access is provided to the medical gas outlets, electrical receptacles, and other devices.

The trim is of solid oak, and can be stained to the requirements of each hospital. The center access panel and the sliding doors are of fire-retardant material laminated on both sides with high-pressure plastic laminate with many colors and textures available.  The doors can be lifted out for cleaning.

The depth of the unit is only 3 inches which can be accommodated in a standard wall thickness.

These units are custom manufactured to the exact requirements of each hospital..  Units manufactured to NFPA, HTM-2022 or DIN specifications.  NFPA units are UL Listed.

The LDRP 2000 is made to order, so you can have the configuration and size that meets your requirements.