Wedge Neonatal Headwall


Designed with patient access and staff productivity in mind, the Wedge Neonatal Care System does away with equipment and monitoring leads covering your workspace.

The Wedge provides easy access to your patient, with concealed monitor cables, bedside trash, linen, and disposable storage, storage carts with cushion tops for seating, sinks [hand-washing and dialysis] and convenient chart and clipboard storage. All in a unit built expressly for your facility, to meet your specific needs.

The Wedge also includes our patented Unimount™ and Eclipse™ Equipment Mounting Rails, allowing you to position pumps, IV’s, baskets and other ancillary equipment exactly where you need them.

The Wedge is easy to install. A typical single bed unit is shipped in three pieces. The entire central unit is shipped pre-piped and pre-wired. Single point medical gas and electrical connections further simplify installation. Hospital Systems can even factory-install the communications wiring.

The key to success in planning is to look beyond the horizon. For additional information, contact your local representative, or our main office in Pittsburg California.