Hose and Cord Drops


HSI offers a MedGas Hose & Electrical/Data Cord Drop. The Hose/Cord Drop will accommodate a mixture of various medical gas and vacuum hoses, as well as electrical and data cord drops.



  • Welded steel construction back box
  • Cover plate is stainless steel with a brushed finish
  • Exposed cable reels
  • Adjustable cable retractor to pull hose up out of the way when not in use
  • Strain relief anchor point for each device

Medical Gas Hose Drop

  • DISS fitting at proximal end
  • Conductive, color coded hose, 6ft
  • Kellems strain relief grip
  • Medical gas coupler at distal end
  • Available in DISS, Chemetron, Puritan-Bennett, Ohmeda and Oxequip. Also available in HTM-2022 or DIN

Electrical Cord Drop

  • Hard Wired
  • Heavy duty, SJTOW cord, 6ft
  • Kellems strain relief grip
  • Electrical Receptacle(s), Hospital Grade, Duplex, 20A, mounted in a NEoTEX non-conductive box

Data Cord Drop

  • ¾”, 1g, Face plate at top end
  • Flex, Plastic Conduit, 6ft
  • Kellems strain relief grip
  • 4 port module insert and face plate

Hose and Cord drops can be added or removed to suit the requirement of the room. Each drop is considered an individual item unless otherwise noted. Standard back box is 8’’X8’’ and can accommodate up to 4 services. Larger boxes are available when required. Refer to part numbers and descriptions below.


Ordering Information

Medical Gas Hose Drops are available with any configuration of  the following medical gas outlets [Up to 8 services] Please specify Outlet Type at time of purchase

  • Oxygen
  • Medical Air
  • Vacuum’
  • N2O
  • Co2
Medical Gas Hose Drops Part Number
Medical Gas, Single, Vacuum 299055-VAC
Medical Gas, Single, Oxygen 299056-OXY
Medical Gas, Single, Medical Air 299057-AIR
Medical Gas, Single, Nitrous Oxide 299058-N2O
Medical Gas, Single, Evacuation (WAGD) 299059-WAGD
Medical Gas, Single, Carbon Dioxide 299060-CO2
Medical Gas, Single. Nitrogen 299061-N2
Electrical Cord Drops Part Number
Single Drop w/ 1 Duplex, Emergency, Red 299098
Single Drop w/ 1 Duplex, Normal, Ivory 299098-I
Single Drop w/ 1 Duplex, Normal, White 299098-W
Dual Drop w/ 2 Duplex, Emergency, Red 299099
Dual Drop w/ 2 Duplex, Normal, Ivory 299099-I
Dual Drop w/ 2 Duplex, Normal, White 299099-W
Data Cord Drop Part Number
Single Drop, Data with 4 Port Module Insert 299100

Boxes and Drops are available as individual items or as an assembly

Available with US Plug, British Standard and DIN