Axiom™ Array Headwall


HSI is proud to announce that we can now show our Axiom™ Array headwalls meet and exceed the privacy concerns faced in today’s hospital design and construction.

Through independent testing by Intertek, HSI has proven that our Axiom™ Array Recessed Headwall surpasses the FGI guideline of an STC of 50; ask us for our results. . . we are happy to share!

With an eye to finished details and an infinite number of finishing combinations, the Axiom™ Array is made to meet any design aesthetic. The Array gives the room a mill work feel while maintaining the convenience of a build to order pre-engineered, pre-fabricated headwall solution.


  • Factory made for precision and quality craftsmanship
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Easier, more efficient scheduling of sub-contractors
  • Shipped to the jobsite ready to install
  • Pre-piped and Pre-wired for easy connection above the ceiling line
  • Finished with panels in your choice of materials
  • Shipped in easy to handle sections or as a finished unit to reduce on costs

Our partnership with InPro allows us to bring premium durability to our headwalls by using their IPC® Palladium Wall Panels.

  • Faced with IPC® Rigid Sheet Wall Protection
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Easy cleaning

*Not designed to be a load bearing wall