Ground Cord


Ground Cord Assemblies are available in a number of configurations to properly ground portable equipment within the patient area.  These Ground Cords are used with both electrical and non-electrical equipment.  In the area around an electrically- sensitive patient, all equipment should be kept at the same ground potential to eliminate the possibility of micro-shock.

The Ground Cords are of extra flexible #10 (77-strand) copper wire with a green neoprene insulation.  The diameter of the cord is 0.312 inches [8mm] and is specially designed to withstand daily hospital use.  The grounding plug is double crimped to the cord under sufficient pressure that the copper wire and the copper plug are fused; the second crimp includes the insulation of the cord to provide additional strain relief.  A large handle is pinned to the copper plug and is shaped and textured to provide a good grip, even with wet hands. 

A double crimped plated lug is attached to the other end of the cord.  While this crimp is of such force that it will not normally separate, under extreme conditions, such as moving the bed while still plugged in, this crimp will separate so that neither the bed nor the ground cord will sustain damage.  An optional insulated clip is available.

Ordering Information:

Length Lug Only With Lug & Clip
8 foot 298010 298064
10 foot 298015 298039
12 foot 298037 298040
15 foot 298016 298054

** Ground Jack sold separately Part number 298229