Master Ground Module


The Master Ground Module is used as a gathering point for grounds within a large area such as an ICU, CCU or neonatal ward when the primary ground bus normally located in the electrical service panel or isolated power panel is too distant or there are too many ground connections.

The Master Ground Module ground bus is the most up-to-date design for copper conductors.  The seamless aluminum circuit bars are forged into the main aluminum line connector. The circuit bars are placed at a 25-degree angle to the main line lug to allow easy insertion of every branch circuit wire. This can save valuable installation time as compared to the old style ground plates commonly used.

All connections are made side-by-side, thereby eliminating any crossing of wires. Stripped wire ends are inserted in V-shaped holes and a compression screw is tightened. There is no forming or winding of wires under the screw head nor spreading of wires away from the screw head.  A positive connection is always assured.

The ground bus provides 24 circuit taps that will accommodate wire sizes from #14 to #6, and one line lug for wire sizes #6 to 250mcm.

The construction of the ground bus has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The ground bus is conveniently attached to the code gauge steel, baked enamel backbox. The front trim is of 304 stainless steel, with a #4 finish.


Ordering Information:

Part number 358329