Power & Ground Module


The combination of power receptacles, ground jacks and the ground bus within a single enclosure offers convenience and substantial labor savings in field wiring over individual receptacles and ground jacks scattered on the operating room walls.

The Power & Ground Module unit includes Hospital Grade power receptacles, Ground Jacks and a ground bus with ample lugs for external ground connections.

The power receptacles are Hospital Grade and may be any of the following:

23000 series, twistlock
Duplex, NEMA 5R
Simplex, NEMA 5R

The number of receptacles may vary from 1 to 4 and in special cases more.

The ground jacks are extra heavy duty as described in NFPA Standard 99.

The ground bus consists of forged copper with 24 taps for #14-6 and a main lug of 250MCM-#6 wire ranges.

The power receptacles and the ground jacks are mounted on the 304 stainless steel, brushed finish trim.  To insure uniform finish and the minimum of screw heads, special screw studs for mounting the receptacles are welded prior to application of the #4 brushed finish.  The ground bus is mounted to the rear of the code gauge steel, baked enamel backbox.  This allows all external ground wires to remain undisturbed if the front must be removed for servicing.


Ordering Information

Description Part Number
4 Ground Jacks + 2 Red Duplex Receptacles 358051
4 Ground Jacks + 4 Red Simplex Receptacles 358250
4 Ground Jacks + 4 Twist Lock Receptacles 358351
2 Ground Jacks + 2 Red Duplex Receptacles 358432
4 Ground Jacks + 4 Red Duplex Receptacles 358574