Isolated Power Center For Portable X-ray and Laser Units


The Isolated Power Centers for portable X-ray units are designed to provide isolated power to X-ray receptacles located in operating rooms, emergency rooms, and other critical care areas. These Isolated Power Centers include an isolation transformer, a primary and a secondary circuit breaker, a Line Isolation Monitor, an interlocking selector switch station, and power distribution contactors.

Isolation transformers are of low-leakage shielded plate design, available in 7.5, 10, 15, and 25 kVA ratings.

An interlocking selector switch is provided to prevent more than one circuit being activated at a time.  Circuit breakers are 10,000 AIC rated. When typically equipped, the Isolation Power Center includes eight contactors, one main circuit breaker, and one two-pole secondary circuit breaker.

Station switching may be remotely located or may be electrically operated from the receptacle.

Also provided is a high-quality, highly reliable Line Isolation Monitor incorporating dynamic, non-switching circuitry, a micro ammeter, indicator lights, audible device with silencing switch, test switch, and terminals for a remote alarm indicator.

The finish trim is type #304 stainless steel with a #4 brushed finish. The backbox is fabricated from code-gauge steel, finished with durable baked enamel.


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