Remote Hazard Indicator


A Remote Hazard Indicator must be installed in all areas served by an isolated power system. In those areas where the isolated power panel is located outside the area served, a Remote Hazard Indicator is required.

When leakage current is within the safe range for the isolation systems being monitored, a steady green indicator light will show that the system is in a SAFE condition. When a total hazard index [leakage current to ground] is exceeded, the green light will extinguish and a red HAZARD indicator light will be illuminated; additionally an audible alarm will call attention to the potential hazard. The audible alarm may be silenced by pressing a momentary pushbutton. A yellow SILENCED indicator will be illuminated to show that the alarm is silenced. When the leakage current is again within the acceptable range, the remote hazard indicator will automatically return to the SAFE condition and reset the audible alarm.

The Remote Hazard Indicator is of solid-state, compact, robust construction for long life. The indicator lamps are replaceable from the front without the removal of the unit from the wall. The Remote Hazard Indicator is mounted on a standard, single gang, stainless steel faceplate, and will mount in a standard single gang electrical box.

The electrical box is not provided.


Ordering Information

Description Part Number
Single RHI 358901
Dual RHI with digital display 358900

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