Surgical Facility Center


The Surgical Facility Center is designed to locate all the required electrical devices and the isolated power center into one easily used, maintained and installed unit. The typical Surgical Facility Center contains an isolation transformer, line isolation monitor, equipotential ground bus, circuit breakers, ground jacks and electrical receptacles, elapsed timer, time of day clock, X-ray film viewer and an optional X-ray receptacle.

The isolation transformer is the low-leakage shielded plate design, available in 3, 5, 7.5 or 10 kVA ratings. At full load, the entire system noise level does not exceed 25dB. The temperature of the front cover is limited to a maximum of 15ºC above an ambient of 25ºC.

Circuit breakers are 10,000AIC rated. When typically equipped, the center includes a main circuit breaker and eight two-pole 20 amp secondary circuit breakers.

A high-quality, reliable solid state Line Isolation Monitor incorporates dynamic, non-switching circuitry, a micro ammeter, indicator lights, an audible alarm with silencing switch, test switch, and provisions for a remote indicator.


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