Exam/Reading Light Series MLC


The Exam/ Reading Series MLC adjustable arm, fluorescent/incandescent light is a highly efficient lamp designed to provide illumination precisely where it is required for patient reading. It is an excellent exam or reading light, yielding an ample circle of light for the user without disturbing others. Its adjustable arm permits the light to be positioned where desired by the patient or staff or to be folded out of the way. Arm length is 45 inches (1140mm).

The exam light can be mounted on the patient headwall, service console, bed, or on the Horizon-8 light fixture. A dual pushbutton switch is located on top of the lamp for the convenience of the patient and is designed for easy cleaning. There is one switch for the incandescent lamp and one for the fluorescent. The three conductor SVT 6 foot (1830mm) cord and hospital grade plug are provided as standard.

The shade and reflector are coated with a high gloss, baked acrylic resin finish. Light grey is the standard color. The reflector is efficiently shaped to produce a full non-glare light pattern.

The fixture is constructed of cold drawn high-quality steel with 10mm ID tubing that furnishes a raceway for the wiring.

All fixtures are provided with a NORYL resin louver that has a 265ºF head deflection and is self-extinguishing.

Ordering Information

Reach Description Part Number
45" Unimount™ Rail Mounted 508200
45" Eclipse™ Rail Clamp On Mounted 608200
45" Ohmeda/ Ohio Rail Mounted 808200
45" MA Rail Mounted 708200
45" Wall/ Panel Mounted 909200

Lights are Available with US, DIN and British Standard Plugs. Please specify at time of order