Horizon-8™ Overbed Light Fixture



The Horizon-8 Overbed Light Fixture is a high quality patient room light that provides two-way patient lighting with convenience and elegance. The front fascia color can be chosen to coordinate with the room décor. Both indirect [up] general room illumination and direct [down] reading and examination lighting are provided.

The Horizon-8 light can contain two, three, or four lamps of 2, 3, or 4ft fluorescent rapid start lamps with separate circuits for direct and/or indirect illumination.

The fixture is designed specifically for hospital use and ease of maintenance. The clean simple design of the door mechanism keeps the door closed without latches. Lenses and median light barrier can be removed for cleaning when door is open.

Ballasts and lamp holders are on one chassis that is securely held in place with spring-loaded clips. The fixture has an internal plug connector and special spring clamps, so that the entire lampholder and ballast chassis can be removed from the fixture and taken out of the patient’s room with minimal disturbance. All parts are stocked for immediate replacement.

Electrical devices, such as switches, night lights and receptacles can be in either end of the fixture. Other options include exam light, exam light brackets, IV arms, remote switching, and low voltage control.

The light-tight, rugged unit has die cast ends, anodized aluminum front door and back chassis. The upper and lower lenses are impact-resistant, non-yellowing virgin acrylic plastic. Internal components are of anodized aluminum.

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
3ft Light 170357
4ft Light 170427

Shipping Information

52” x 12” x 10”

30 lbs