React™ Digital Time of Day/Elapsed Timer


The REACT™ Clock/Elapsed Timer from Hospital Systems, Inc advances the art of timing in critical situations.  Ultra modern microprocessor technology makes the React more stable and accurate than other general-purpose timers.  The special buttonless face is easier to clean and fully tamper resistant.

The React clock timers are fully compatible with all Hospital Systems Patient Columns, Headwalls and Neonatal units, as well as the Infinity and Mirage Patient Care Systems.  The React can also be retrofitted into older Hospital Systems headwalls and even into headwalls manufactured by others. 

For use in Surgery, Emergency, or Procedure rooms, the React is available with a separate back box for surface or flush mounting.  An optional remote control is available.  The React can also be mounted on Unimount vertical equipment tracks or Eclipse horizontal equipment rails.

User programming of the microprocessor is simple and can be programmed for any combination of:  Time only  -- Elapsed Timer only  -- Time & Elapsed Time  --           Time, Elapsed Time & Date -- Time & Date.  User can also program:  6 or 4 digit display  -- single or dual display  -- 12 or 24-hour format  -- brightness

Available in either 120 or 220V

Battery included for backup during power failure.  Backup battery will keep time for approximately 10 years. The display will not show under battery operation, however, the time of day and elapsed timer circuitry will continue to operate.


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