Cogent Infinity™ Headwall


The Infinity™ Training Headwalls are specifically designed for teaching labs and institutions. The horizontally configured headwall provides Vacuum, Air and simulates Oxygen* just by plugging the unit into an electrical outlet. The Infinity™ Training Headwall provides an inexpensive and quick method for simulating a patient room’s medical gas services. The equipment track and rail integrated into the unit allow for space management and organization.


The Infinity™ Training Headwall is designed based on your needs. The traditional methods of providing medical gas services can cost thousands of dollars per bed with a centralized vacuum pump and air compressor and a network of piping. The Infinity™ Training Headwall was developed to provide Vacuum, Air and Electrical Power in a self contained cost effective unit that eliminates medical gas problems with lab renovations.



  • A solution that will save thousands of dollars over a traditional centralized system
  • In a few hours you have a fully functional patient room simulation of working Oxygen*, Air and Vacuum service with hospital accurate flow rates and hospital grade receptacles
  • Infinity™ Training Headwalls can be added one at a time as your budget permits
  • The Infinity™ Training Headwall can be moved with ease when lab spacing needs change
  • The Infinity™ Training Headwall horizontal rail is 49” wide x 5” deep x 9” high with a vertical service chase 14” wide x 6” deep x 36” high; housing the self contained pump/ compressor
  • Installation is simple: locate the Infinity™ Training Headwall in position near the bed, secure it to the building wall, plug in the six foot electric cord to an available outlet and you are up and running.

*Oxygen simulated with air.

* Cogent™ Training headwalls compliment simulation, not designed to run a simulation manikin. Maximum 50PSI

Available Options


  • Overbed Light Fixture [with pull cord switch]
  • Integrated Non-Functional Nurse Call **
  • Integrated Non-Functional Code Blue **
  • Integrated White Dry Erase Board
  • Oxygen Flowmeter
  • Medical Air Flowmeter
  • Vacuum Regulator [Continuous]
  • Vacuum Regulator [Continuous/Intermittent]
  • Vacuum canister and holder
  • Additional Mounting Brackets as Requested

Available Accessories


  • Utility Basket
  • Sphygmomanometer Mount
  • Sphygmomanometer Cuff w/ Basket
  • Sharps Container with Mount
  • Single Hook I.V Arm

US Patent # 7,878,809

** Blank for Nurse Call and Code Blue provisions is standard.